Monday, 15 August 2011

Staying up past your bedtime...

Since my computer decided to die on me for the third time since I got it, I've been reduced to writing these blogs on my phone. This is me hoping that it won't be for long!

Anyway, time to share some more useless information about life or more importantly my life. Something new that I've managed to start has been drinking Organic Green Tea from Woolworths without adding milk or sugar. What a joy but apparently I will start experiencing the joys of drinking this poison because apparently, according to, it has some really good positives to drinking it...

I've had countless fail attempts to properly look after myself and be a healthier me but I'm just the type of person that likes watching Spongebob and eating chips in front of the tv.

Until next time! Keep reading this spot!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ugly Americans through free mobile series

I'm back, which obviously means that I'm gonna keep writing this blog even though its probably not gonna get anywhere on the internet. *sigh*
 I thought today I would tell you about this neat little site that introduced me to a cartoon series called Ugly Americans, if you want to know more then Google the show, I'm not Wikipedia... Anyway, the site let's you download any series you want and it has the latest shows, series and cartoons available all for free. It a mobile site however so unless you have free internet like I do, thanks to blackberry and their free internet, then you might have to pay for download fees as the files range from 20mb to 80mb depending on the content. The site is:

Untill next time, enjoy your days and keep reading my posts