Saturday, 23 July 2011

First Blog of many...Hopefully.

Dear Readers (dunno what to call you?)

So this is another one of those blogs that people start to try get other people to read their thoughts, problems or ideas that no one else in "real" life will hear. Ahh but you see, this one is different because this blog has no subject, reason or basis of any sort. Its simply there for people to read, if they choose to do so, and hopefully to help the writer(ME) get a little inspiration so I can start writing again and maybe help me earn a buck or two.

If these blogs are written badly or sentence structure is a bit off, do not blame me as I listen to music as I write and occasionally sing along which could pose as a problem but I see it as giving this blog a little more originality with some lyrics here and there. Thats another idea I shall capitalise on and that also reminds me that all content on this blog is copyrighted or at least ill say that to scare the few individulas who will try steal my work. If material on my blog has been seen before somewhere else, just assume that I was the one to create it in the first place or that I have obtained the rights by any means you can conjure or fathom up.

Well that would end the introduction for my first blogging session and I hope you have enjoyed my introduction and if it happens to be the last update, pray that it isn't, then I apologe for any inconvenience it may have caused you to actually sit down and find this blog.

One of a kind i tell you!

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