Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Parlotones And Jon Savage Feat KhuliChana - Sleepwalker Song


  1. Chana Power!!!

    From rock bottom to own to up above and beyond
    I could probably be wrong but this is where I belong
    While I'm rocking le fatse, Kahn's rocking the world
    He sang it from the heart, I rapped it from month phelong
    I been showered with blessings but the devil's tryna test me
    Hundreds that envy me, wishing it was the end of me
    But these don't mean a thing to me
    sleep's my only enemy
    Dream ke di naledi
    Dreams now a reality, sleepwalking

    Now I'm Xhosa and Khuli Chana is Tswana but I tried.

    "Le fatse" means "the nation". He acknowledges his dominance in the SA hip hop industry and that of Kahn Morbee and his Parlotones band's international success.

    "He sang it from the heart, I rapped it from month phelong" "bophelo" is "life" in Tswana, so he sang it from life's perspective, I think.

    "Dream Ke di naledi" I kind of struggled with this one but it basically means "dreams are the stars".. "Naledi" is a Tswana name for a "star".

    And thanx for the accurate lyrics...

    1. Thank you very much! Great explanation as well! Been updated so now the lyrics corrected.